Permanent Residency In Europe From 15,000 Euros

Permanent Residency in Europe from 15,000 Euros

You can get a 6 month to one year residency in Bulgaria when you buy a studio starting from 15,000 euros. Our company can help you with every step of the way from the purchase of the property to getting the application for the residency to Bulgaria.
Prices of real estate in Bulgaria are very reasonable and at record low at the moment. The purchase of real estate in Bulgaria right now is a great investment, since prices will increase insanely in the future. A small investment right now will reap large profits in the future where it is possible for the prices to rise five and six times the amounts paid now.
The advantages of getting a residency in Bulgaria are many. To start you are getting a resident permit in the heart of Europe. The Bulgarian residency allows you access to Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Serbia and Romania without a visa.
When you first apply for the resident permit, you will receive a temporary residency of 6 months to 1 year. You will need to keep renewing it until you are eligible to apply for permanent residency after 5 years. Once you receive permanent residency, the whole of Europe becomes accessible to you.
Residency fees are 60 euros per year and 60 euros renewal. The only requirement is to visit Bulgaria once a year to be eligible to continual renewal of the residency.
To apply for the permanent residency there is a onetime fee of 2,000 euros, and the renewal fees are 90 euros.
Holders of permanent residency in Bulgaria allows them to sponsor people under their name to come to Bulgaria.
You do not need to travel to Bulgaria to buy a property. We can arrange the whole procedure for you at our offices in Lebanon. We will also help you with the residency application A to Z right here from Lebanon.
A down payment of 10% of the real estate cost is required to start the procedure. We will arrange for the whole sale, prepare the papers with the Bulgarian embassy in Lebanon. Once everything is ready, the buyer will be required to visit the Bulgarian embassy to sign a presale contract and bring it back to us.
Upon the payment of the full balance of the property, we would complete the procedure in Bulgaria, register the property in the buyers name and deliver the Title Deed to Lebanon within 2 to 3 weeks.
Buyer will have to pay registration fees in Bulgaria which is 7% of the total sale. There are also real estate agents commissions and application fees.


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