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Luxury apartment for rent in Ramlet el Baida, Beirut, real estate in Beirut
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Luxury apartment for rent in Ramlet el Baida
- aprox 465 SQ.M
- Landscape architecture by Vladimir Djurovic
- CHICCO Aluminum brand of the highest quality:
- Lift & Slide
- Double glazing
- Low E
- 99% UV free
- Noise reducing glass
- Shelter (around 40 M2 with bathroom)
- Ground floor swimming pool
- Multi purpose social room with small kitchennete, bathroom & shower
- One drivers' room with bathroom per floor and one common kitchenette
- One storage room per floor.
- Two entrances (main & back entrance)
- Complete water treatment system including RO station for domestic and potable water
- Stainless steel handrails on the balcony type 316 L
- High end finishing
- VRV Mitsubishi airconditioning system.
- Independent boiler including heating controller for each floor
- Electrical rolling shutters
- Complete range of satellite and TV systems
- Two Mitsubishi Elevators
- Two separate stairs (main and escape) 
- Two MAN Generators (250 KVA full power) each
- Security system with surveillance cameras
- Fire protection system
- Exhaust & fresh air ventilation for the parking area
- 4 car parking

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Luxury apartment for rent in Ramlet el Baida, Beirut, real estate in Beirut
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